We are putting citizens’ voices at the centre of government decision-making.

What we do

Afya Pamoja is a GovTech non-profit. Using digital technology, we elevate the voices of Tanzanian citizens to improve the quality of essential healthcare services.

Our mobile phone based feedback platform connects clients visiting healthcare facilities to healthcare workers and public health decision-makers. We collect high frequency, real-time and localised data from clients. We use this to generate actionable insights which help to drive improvements in quality of service delivery.

Our platform is integrated into government systems, low cost and sustainably funded. It has been designed in line with leading academic research showing the impact of citizen feedback. Our goal is to test, measure and optimise our platform to deliver transformative impact.

We believe that this can be the most cost effective intervention in global health.

Our partners

Afya Pamoja is a rapidly growing, early-stage organisation. We partner with governments, multilateral institutions and social innovation organisations to deliver and scale our platform.

Delivering long-lasting and scalable impact requires collaboration and partnership. Afya Pamoja is proud to be supported by and work alongside other organisations:

Government of Tanzania and Afya Pamoja
PO-RALG Afya Pamoja