We are building the most cost effective intervention in global health. Our vision is a digital client feedback platform in all healthcare facilities driving responsive decision making.

Our platform

Afya Pamoja’s platform can be broken down into three components, data collection from clients, data analytics of the feedback and the creation of tools for decision makers


Using their own mobile phones clients provides feedback for free about their experiences


Afya Pamoja aggregates and analyses the client data on a real time and local basis

Decision makers

We provide insights to healthcare workers and public health decision-makers

The problem

There is demand from both clients and government to improve existing client feedback systems
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The main existing system for gathering client feedback relies on Sanduku la Maoni, the suggestion box. 60% of clients say that existing mechanisms are ineffective. These systems are not anonymous nor easy to access. Clients are therefore not incentivised to provide feedback resulting in low volumes of feedback.

Healthcare workers and officials often seek out more client feedback but this is unstructured and difficult to analyse. Therefore, client feedback may only be reviewed a few times a year and receives insufficient attention in decision-making and planning processes. The Tanzanian government has a goal to collect feedback from 30% of clients by 2024.


Rigorous academic evidence finds that client feedback platforms can have transformative impacts on healthcare outcomes, such as reducing child mortality by 38%.
  • Increased utilisation of services – Feedback mechanisms build clients’ trust in the healthcare system making them more likely to use the services which are available to them
  • Facility quality improvement – Feedback data can be used by healthcare workers in facilities to identify high priority issues for improvement and necessary action plans
  • Local government supervisions​ – Feedback data can be used by local government healthcare officials within their facility supervision processes to help them identify, prioritise and monitor challenges
  • Budgeting and resourcing – Feedback data can be used to improve resource allocation and monitoring allowing for more effective quarterly budgeting and resource planning

We believe impact can be driven through a number of channels, at a low cost and by integrating into existing decision making processes.


Afya Pamoja is a rapidly growing, early-stage organisation. Afya Pamoja partners with governments, multilateral institutions and social innovation organisations to deliver and scale our platform.

We believe sustainable impact is best achieved through partnerships and have as a result embed our platform into government institutions and processes. We have partnered with Tanzania’s Ministry of Health and Ministry of President’s office-Regional Administration and Local Government to design, build and scale this platform. Pilots of our program will launch in 2022.

We look for opportunities to collaborate with existing developmental initiatives. We are grateful to be funded by a range of social innovation organisations as we prove the value of our work.

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